About Us

About us

Who we are

Prolines was established in Qatar under CR No. 34804, since March 2007. Prolines offers a complete and diverse line of Branding, copying, digital and press printing Solutions, events and exhibitions supports including display units and custom made stands.

At Prolines we understand that it is important to merge needs with solutions. This is why we are committed to integrate information, design and technology in all our projects. Our company's outline is established on technology, skills, precision and punctuality. With a pioneering vision of the market growth and a team of specialists, we anticipate clients' needs to lead the way in our filed through a perfect combination of art and communications.

Who do we serve

Prolines provide services that cover every aspect of the developing business market. And because Good reputation is the most efficient marketing tool, at prolines we pride ourselves on establishing strong relations of mutual trust and high expectations with a wide range of clients, individuals or corporate, associated to various domains and industries, among which are the following companies:

Trading & contracting companies, construction enterprises, computer companies, mechanical and electrical engineering companies, event planners, services offices, exhibition display services, media services, medical care centers, catering, restaurants, publishing and printing houses, schools and others.

Facts about the team and why people love us

Dedicated Team

You will get more than what you expected.

Events and Deadlines

We stick to our deadlines. Our clients are not to be worried about the hassles of production, installation and even dismantling.

Happy Clientele

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” - Michael Le Boeuf.

Fun Printing Facts

“Black printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids, exceeding oil and space shuttle fuel on a per gallon basis. It averages over $2700 per gallon”


Network of our clientele.

Our clients define Proline’s story. It’s all about building and keeping our clientele…