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Bulk SMS

Collaborate & Create Amazing Cost Effective SMS Campagins

SMS marketing is preferred to other email marketing and push-notification services (Forbes). Our delivery platforms allow for easy segmentation and management, so the most relevant text messages can be sent to those who are most likely to convert.

It’s also preferable in that it tends to be less expensive when compared to other methods of distribution, making it a cost effective mobile solution. The goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers to increase customer loyalty. When implementing close range marketing tactics, text messages are an ideal way of notifying people within your vicinity of any immediate offers, without having to use push-notification applications. More than informing your customers of upcoming deals, it can also be a great way to send reminders for upcoming events and engage your customers by polling their opinions.

Benefits of SMS marketing:

Instant Deliverability
Flexible Platform
High Open Rate
High Conversion Rate

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is the method of sending a commercial message to a desired person, or set of people, via email. This usually includes any email communication sent to an existing or potential customer.

Brand Awareness:

Every time you send an email, day or night, you’re exposing your business and brand to consumers everywhere. By utilizing targeted content, strategic planning, and a smart design, your business and brand’s value will increase. In doing so, you stay better connected with your audience. Increased brand awareness means that when a customer needs a product or service, they’ll be more likely to look to you, thus turning leads into clients, and clients in loyal customers.

More Cost Efficient:

Arguably the most attractive benefit of email marketing is the return on investment. Compared to social media, email is one of the most affordable marketing strategies available, with costs that are much less significant than any other marketing channel.

Track User Engagement:

Thanks to the advanced software on the market today, drawing on data to determine what’s successful, and what’s never been easier. Tracking how many people open an email, click a link in an email, or even identifying if your email made it to right inbox are a few of the capabilities email marketing solutions can offer.

Personalized Content:

With email marketing, you can tailor specific ads for greater conversion rates, create and send personalized messages to people with particular needs, and target social media ads for pre-determined audiences. Email marketing allows you to send personalized messages or ads based on previous sales and purchases that have a greater chance of conversion.


Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and and other content that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising.

How Social Median Marketing can help you meet your marketing goals:

Benefits of SMS marketing:

Increasing website traffic
Building conversions
Raising brand awareness
Creating a brand identity
Communication and interaction with key audiences


SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and there is nothing really mystical about it. You might have heard a lot about SEO and how it works, but basically what it is is a measurable, repeatable process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in Google’s index.

SEO Techniques:

Improve rankings
Make your existing pages longer
Focus on YouTube SEO
Improve site speed
Build backlinks
Reporting and analytics
Local SEO and Listings
Focus on topics instead of keywords